Volume Inputs and Price Book


I am in level 1 module 13.6.6.  While formatting the UX page for margin summary charts I observed the margin summary shows as 0 for Head Office.  So I went back and checked all my imports.  I observed in the price book there is no price given for Head Office for products.  Code H0001.


But in the Volume inputs there are volumes given for Head Office code H0001.  As a result the revenue and the margins are all 0 for Head Office.  Is this meant to be like this?  Other locations are ok.  I thought the location Head Office may not be selling any products, but was confused because there are volumes given.  Screen shots attached.Price book modulePrice book moduleVolume Inputs moduleVolume Inputs module


Would appreciate some help.  Thank you.  

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  • Yes the given data is like this . 

    It is correct only . There is nothing missed in the data .


    Than you,

    Puneeth HP 

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  • Hi @ThiruT 


    yes the data which you are looking at is correct .  "REV01 Price book" and "REV02 Volume Inputs" modules are for import the Sales price,unit Cost and Volume Inputs . 

    We calculate Revenue and Margin everything in "REV03 Margin Calculation" Module .

    Revenue would be Volume * Sales price(1+% growth) .

    Margin = Revenue - Cost of Sales . 

    here Sales price is "0" showing might be no sales happened regarding 'Nutzo bar' in 'head office' . (mockup data ) 

    Its no issues . 





    Puneeth HP 

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Hi 


    I realise it is mock example.  My concern is there are volume inputs for all products at Head Office, which means they have sold products.  However, in the price list the prices for all products in Head Office is not given. So the price shows as 0.  As a result the Head Office Revenue, Cost of sales and margin all are 0.  Was it meant to be like this?  Or have I missed something?