Level 2 Sprint 1 User Story 4 - Time (half year)

I'm on Level 2, Sprint 1, User Story 4 and I'm stuck on creating the DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters Module.  What's confusing me is the Time (half-year) dimension. 


half year.png


Am I supposed to leave the regular time dimension in there when i create the module?  Here's what i used, to no avail:




I see that the data file for Weekly Safety Stock has in it a field named "Half Year" with 4 values (H1 FY 20, H2 FY 20, H1 FY21, H2 FY21).  How do i get this to play with my time dimension?


Any guidance would be appreciated.






Best Answer

  • Hi @pmorgan 


    Yes , you need to check Half-Year Totals in the Model Calender .

    Time range.png


    Plz let me know anything else required . 



    Puneeth HP


  • Hi @pmorgan 


    By the looks of it , this can be achieved by changing the 'Time Scale' in blue print of the module .



    This would help . 



    Puneeth HP 

  • Puneeth,


    Thanks for your prompt response.  This is what i see in the time scale drop down in my module, there is no Half Year option for me.


    my time scale shot.png


    Do i need to change something in my model calendar settings perhaps?  This is what my model calendar settings look like?


    model cal.png


  • Thank you Puneeth - that worked!  Very much appreciate it.


    Of course, now i have to figure out why i have no data. 😁  This is where i am now:


    where i am now.png




  • Thank you for accepting the solution . 


    What i remember is that this needs to be imported from 'DAT04' module in DATA HUB . 



    Puneeth HP


  • Yes, i was able to finally get the data in there.  Thanks for following up Puneeth!