Learning Histroy Recorded on Personal Email Account


Dear Community,


I joined the Community using my personal email account before my current financial analyst position. I have completed level 1 and 2 training with the account and I am now working towards obtaining the Model Builder Certification , which requires work experience certification.


My question is: would it be an issue that all my training records are under the Community Account linked to my personal email account?






  • Hey @LILYLIU 


    I'm not sure what do you mean by the Model Builder Certification requiring  work experience?


    You have 2 options to proceed:

    1. Continue your training using your personal account. I believe this may only present a challenge when you are applying for the Master Anaplanner Certificate as they require an Anaplan work-related email to qualify you.


    2. You can email academy@anaplan.com and ask then to transfer all your learning records under your work email.

    I personally prefer having my accounts under my personal email since I can seamlessly transfer from one company to the other. As I mentioned that comes with its challenges. I hope Anaplan is working towards a more sustainable way to account for such common scenarios. 

  • Dear Einas,


    Thank you so much for your help. Sorry, I mean Certified Solution Architect or Master Anaplaner.  I have a looooong way to go, but I have been so encouraged by this community!


    I will email the Academy. I cannot agree with you more on the second point that it is not sustainable to associate the certificate to our work email account. 


    Thanks again for your help!