Anaplan Groups: Further Your CPX Journey!



DigitalCPX—Anaplan’s global conference dedicated to operationalizing enterprise performance—continues this week. We’ve already heard amazing announcements, dived deep into Connected Planning concepts and principles, and explored the impact of today’s technological advancements on our businesses now and into the future.

It’s a lot to absorb and process on your own. As we head into the last few days of the conference, you’re invited to join Anaplan Groups at DigitalCPX for a chance to interact with others in your industry or area of interest.

On September 23-24, we have 18 different Groups meeting to discuss relevant questions and issues. View the full list of topics and secure your spot on our Groups at DigitalCPX registration page. These 60-minute add-on sessions will be hosted by topical experts and Master Anaplanners and will provide the chance to connect with your peers in unique small-group breakouts.

We are excited to offer these sessions as extensions of the Anaplan Groups program here in the Community, where you can engage with like-minded individuals year-round through a wide variety of events and dedicated Community spaces. With more than 40 Groups to choose from, there is a Group for everyone.

We hope to see you later this week as we wrap up the DigitalCPX experience with Anaplan Groups. If you have questions, please contact