Level 2 Sprint 1, Create a filter to show only half-years. (Hint: Use a system module)


Can anyone offer guidance as to how to create the filter to show only the half year view? (for Create Saved View for Export.)


I have this now:


this now.png


So in order to hide the FY20 and FY21 columns to meet the requirement, the hint is to filter using a system module.  So i tried this:


1st filter try.png


But this resulted in hiding all the columns like this:


all hidden.png

What is the best approach?






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  • pmorgan
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    Nevermind.  I figured it out.  The hint said to use a system module.  So I went to SYS02 Time Settings by Half Year and noticed that the time scale was set to Week.  So i changed that to Half-Year like this:


    half year finally.png

    And that gave me the view i was looking for to satisfy the requirement:




    So I'm good to go now.




  • BJ

    thank you for asking and answering that question Paul