How to hide line items column from the view on dashboard?



I need to post this view on the dashboard:


And I have this view:


This is my blueprint view:





  • Right click on the module published on the dashboard -> Column Settings -> Find the column setting for the list and set the number to 6px
  • @rspector I am just wondering, why you need to create a line item "Customer Type" when the list item members does have the "Customer Type".


    So, even you want to keep the "Customer Type" Line Item, as values of "Customer Type" Line Item and and List Item values are same, so to publish Customer Type Values and the corresponding "Select" boolean line item to dashboard, you can select "Select" boolean Line Item, Right Click, Select Show. Create a view for the selected "Select" Line Item and "Customer Type" list and publish it to the dashboard.


    Hope this helps


  • thank you anirudh! It is perfect, exactly what I wanted.