Level 1 Lesson 13.11.2 - Create Price and Cost Growth Assumptions Page (Optional)



I am trying to complete the above exercise.  My graph is not correct because the X and Y axis is not set at 0.  Instead it starts at 15K.  I have looked at the chart options but am unable to figure out how to set the axis at 0.  Would appreciate some help.  Screenshot attached.



ThiruPrice and Cost Growth Assumptions page.png


  • Hi Thirut,

    In the Overview tab, change the chart type to Combination, then go to the Chart tab and change the chart type for Margin to Area, for Revenue and Cost of Sales to Column. This will change the Y axis.MarginSmry_1.JPGMarginSmry_2.JPG

  • Hi,

    • I am also facing same issue, I have changed the chart type to combination. In chart tab there is no series stacking options are not available. I will share my screen shots can you please help me how to change margin to area and for revenue and cost of sales to column.20210819_181111.jpg