Unwinding debtors into future period




I have a line item with the balance for each invoice which is a list at the end of the month 


I have another line item for the predicted timeperiod that cash is expected 


I want to forecast cash received based of only the current months closing position. 



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  • ChrisAHeathcote
    You need to set up a properties module for you invoices list which you can use to define the expected payment delay.
    If your target module is dimensioned by period month then in you properties module allocated a number for each invoice that indicates how many months you expect to wait for payment.
    In your target module we can use the function POST to post into future periods based on the number entered in the properties module for each invoice.
    In the forecast cash line item use a formula such as the following;
    = POST(closing balance, properties module.expected delay)
    The formula will offset and post the value from the closing balance line item the specified number of periods forward into future months.


  • Hi,


    Not sure I understand what it is you are trying to achieve here. Is it somewhat similar to what I've mocked up down here?

    If so, are you trying to forecast your balance amounts in the "Expected Period for cash"?




  • Sorry my list includes invoices 


    The module has time, time isn’t the parent of the invoices

    so for example the time selected is Jan 21 

    All 5 invoices have the balances as below 


    so in a new module with time in the module I want to display 


    mar 21 $34

    apr 21 $50

    jun 21 $100


    balance(sum: expected period) 

    however say the period is now mar 21 and 

    invoice 5 still hasn’t been received so it’s now expected in Apr 21 

    any time period previous to mar 21 would be actuals received and I want to forecast the upcoming months receivables  

    apr 21 being the now being $84 invoice 4 and invoice 5


    thanks you for your reply 

  • Hi,


    Is this what you are looking for:


    If so, my advice to you would be to change your invoice register to be timeless (I don't believe invoice details are meant to change over time; maybe corrected every now and then but not reviewed every month).

    Even so, the only thing you need, is to calculated a cumulative theoretical balance and a cumulative actual balance in order to figure out the adjustment or true-up amount that you need to post. When you have it, it's a matter of linking it to the current month based on your model time setting.


    Hope my example can help:





  • Thank you for your responses

    Yes the POST worked well To solve my issue

    Thanks again