sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5 question

I have a question for Model Building Level2, sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5 and the product SKU by Distribution Center panel on the Distribution Center Summary UX page (in My Pages).  I got it working, but I want to know if there is a better solution as my screen layouts are slightly different to the prototype.

I used a grid and because I wanted the locations to sync with the page filter I thought I would need a line item dimensioned by s G3 location: Distribution Center? & P3 SKU. Since there’s no output module like this I would either need a new module or a subsiduary view.  The line item could be derived from either the DAT01 Beginning Inventory line item or the SYS08 SKU Details->Supplied By .  It works and I have a grid that is filtered by a boolean line item “SKU Cataloged”. In my UX, I have the line item on the screen with tick boxes, but in the prototypes I see you just have the DC->SKU lists aligned. Did I do it correctly or is there a better/different way to do this in Anaplan?


  • Same question. Thanks!
  • In DAT01 Beginning inventory module apply pivot and bring SKUs and DC in rows and Line items in Columns and apply a filter on SKU/DC combination.

  • Thanks for your input - that's exactly what I did in the end - although wasn't sure under the DISCO guidelines whether a Data module should be pulled directly in the UX. Also, later in the exam there was a screenshot without any line items shown in the grid and I couldn't find a way to hide them. So I was wondering if there was another way this could be solved
  • please find the below article written by David Smith about Best Practices for Module Design 


    In the Summary table, you will find characteristics of the different module types.


    Can you please share the screenshot 





  • Thanks - that's a really useful document - for Data modules,  it does say that "It is unlikely end-users will be viewing the data directly" but in the grid beneath it does say suggest occasional end-user read-only usage, so that clears that up.


    Here's the screen shot from the Level-2 conclusion exam: Q3


  • Got it Thanks!