Pareto Analysis



Currently I am doing Pareto Analysis to identify top 80% of the Sku (S3) at Department level (B5) and at SKU Group (S1).

The result expectation is like last 3 columns (F to H)


Note: The Sum(1791) is the total of Sku at group for the year.


Please assist your ideas to achieve this in Anaplan. 



  • Hi mikeng

    I'm assuming you have the data in Anaplan looking exactly like it is in the screenshot
    1. For the Ranking column, use the RANK formula
    2. For the Accum. column use this formula:
    "CUMULATE(Quantity, <Name of SKU List>)"
    3. Create another module without the SKU dimension but otherwise set up like the first module; just one line item with the formula: "Quantity" This will get the 1791 at the top level for each other dimension
    4. Then the formula for Pareto will be:
    "Accum./Quantity at top level"

    Let me know if you need more help

  • Hi @anirudh  Thankyou for your time to look into this. Actually I have already tried the solution given by you but it is not giving the result as expected. 


    Here is the snapshot of my module blueprint:



    The underlying problem is that i need to consider previous SKU to cumulate the quantity and that too in seqence.



  • not clear what you mean by previous SKU but I think the right formula is RANKCUMULATE as cumulate only cumulate in the order of the list, not the ranking you provide