Log for load


Hi Anaplanners,


Is there a way by which I can get log history of records, when data is loaded through Integration.

Ideally, the history log in Anaplan can just let us know for the number of records which gets loaded, not the one which were ignored. Is there a way to find that through Anaplan? 


Ideally if we manually load a file we get to see the number of records Created/Updated or Ignored, something like this I need to show.


I know we don't have this in Anaplan, just checking out-loud if anyone got in same situation and did some workaround.




  • @ShivankurSharma Unfortunately if you are using Anaplan Connect for integration and automation of data file loads, the "Operation" statement does not have an option to generate log file, however it does provide an option to generate error logs

    if [[ "$ANAPLAN_CREDS" != "" ]]




    Operation="-debug -service ${ServiceUrl} -auth ${AuthUrl} -workspace ${WorkspaceId} -model ${ModelId} -chunksize ${ChunkSize} -file '${FileName}' -put ${FilePath} -process '${ImportName}' -execute -output '${ErrorDump}' "


    Now if you want to generate log files, you need to output the execution of Anaplan Connect script into a file. So if you are using UNIX OS, you can use ">>" operator to output the execution of the Anaplan Connect into a file.


    Hope this helps.