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Need some help in setting up a module for our requirement.

We are tracking the consumption of certain hardwares at our facility. The data file looks like this, where the numbers are the consumption qty in that month.We will be getting this data every day with rolling months, meaning on Oct 1st we will get the new column Oct '20 in the file ,for the consumption in Oct as on that date.

Jan'20Feb'20Mar'20Apr'20May '20June '20July '20Aug '20Sep '20


Now, the requirement is, to calculate the qty for the current month, current Quarter, Last Quarter and current year.

Consumption current monthConsumption current  QuarterConsumption last QuarterConsumption current year

The Quarters need to be considered dynamically as per calendar. i.e. On Sep 24,the current Quarter will be the period July-Sep, and on Oct 1st, the period will be Oct-Dec.

Any suggestion on how to achieve this in Anaplan?


Thanks in advance




  • Have you set up a list for each type of hardware?
  • Hello @praba71  It seems that you are looking for Time Setting setup for the module. As your data is for rolling month, you can setup the Time -> Model Calendar -> Calender Type as "Calendar Months / Quarters / Years, set up the Fiscal Year Start Month, Fiscal Year Label, Current Fiscal Year, along with Current Period and Select Quarter Totals 


    Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.31.18 PM.png


    Hope this helps



  • Hi @scbaker 

    We are talking about only one type of hardware here.The data file will have hundreds of records for each SKU and we will be loading this data into a List,