I want to remove the time dimension in my system module. What should I do?


Hey guys,


I am new to Anaplan. In the level 6 of the model builder 1 course, I accidently added time in my system module. I later realize that in level 8 that I was not supposed to do that. I know that we can change dimension in Applied To column, but what about the Time dimension? Can I remove it somehow?




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  • jasonblinn

    Right next to the Applies to sections, you will see the column for Time Scale. Set this to not applicable.


    (I know this module is not the same as yours, but you can still see where to find this. )





  • Thank you! It works

  • Thanks for the simple and effective solution. The time dimension now doesn't appear in the module.


    However when I am importing data into the module, it forces me to link to 'Time' dimension. Perhaps some other cleanup step is required as well?

  • Hi, 


    I have the same issue. When I try to import data I am still required to specify a time range. Can someone help me?