Grid Actions Working on Some Occasions and Getting Greyed Out on Some Occasions in NUX


I have created a form action to add items in a numbered list and have published that as a grid Action in the NUX. 

I have provided the necessary access and permissions to a particular role and have tested the functionality in the Old UX and it is working. I have also given page access to the role in the New UX.


But when same role is trying to use that action in New UX , the grid action works sometimes and some times gets automatically greyed out and shows a message that "You don't have permission to add items".


Is someone else facing the same issue in the NUX? Please suggest a solution for the same?





  • @Rishabh4590 


    Make sure that you are selecting a valid parent before you run the action.
    That could be a cause.

  • Thank you for the help @einas.ibrahim 


    We are selecting the proper parent but still sometimes it is working and sometimes the message comes that you don't have permissions.


    I Don't know if this is the issue of the NUX. Whatever we select is not getting refreshed at the backend and hence the permission error.


    Lets see if someone else replies with the same issue.