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Hi All,


I have a module with a time range(a customized time range created in Anaplan by the user) of 3 years(2018,2019,2020) where data is input for each month for the current year. We are providing an export/import button to the user on the dashboard to upload the data for the current year. But I am observing that on creating a saved view in the module for the current year and on using that to create the import/export action buttons on the dashboard the import/export buttons or the saved view is not getting updated automatically on moving to 2020 from 2021 i.e. on changing the three year time range from 2018-20 to 2019-21.


I request you to kindly help me understand that how it can be dealt so as on moving to the next year the import/export definitions get automatically updated for the current running year as the user does not want the option to upload the data for all the three years but for only the months falling in the current running year(i.e. only for all the months in 2021).  


Thanks in advance!

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  • jackcplanning

    Hi @Sampriti.Anand 

    If I'm understanding correctly,  you need the saved view to pull the latest year in your 3 year custom time range. Example, FY18-20, show 20; FY19-21, show 21.

    Here's what worked for me - there may be simpler ways, of course:

    1. Create a YEAR time module with the custom time range
    2. Add a boolean-formatted line item OFFSET(1, 1, 0) = 0. This will give you the latest year in the time range.
    3. Create a MONTH time module with the custom time range
    4. Add a boolean-formatted line item YEARVALUE(SYS Year.Time). This will bring the boolean to the month level.
    5. Apply the time filter on your target module for the saved view

    Let me know if that works!