L1 Model Building - 6 Modules 6.8.2 (Adding Formula)

Good Day
I am struggling to ascertain what I'm doing wrong as the training module informs me that I need to add the following formula: "CODE(ITEM(G1 Region))". However it is giving me the below error message. Please assist. What am I doing wrong? Please see the print screen in the attachment.






  • Hi Nathan,


    Without giving it away, take a look at two things  1.) Take a look at your dimensionality for this module. Looks like you are missing something. 2.) Take a look at your formula. Instead of typing in the name of the list you want to reference, go click on the list in General Lists and look at the difference. 


    Let me know if that doesn't get you the answer you are looking for. 



  • Hi 

    I have been trying to follow your advise but I cant seem to pick up any differences. I have followed the steps over and over and cant see any visible differences. Apologies for these enquiries. The list versus the module and built looks the same. Can you give me more hints please?


  • Hi

    I have also realised there is no data in the line items of Code. Could that be the problem?

  • Hi Nathan, 


    Yes, you will need codes in your list. First, go to the list you are looking to pull codes from and make sure you have codes entered in grid view. 


    Second, compare my sample code to your original, notice any differences?


    Your Original Code - CODE(ITEM(G1 Region))

    My Sample Code - CODE(ITEM('G1 Region'))


    Third, where you able to determine which dimension you need to add to your module?


  • Hi Sir

    Thanks you very much for your assistance. I finally figure it out. My dimension i did not in in the "Applies To" column "G1 Region".

    Thanks for your patients. I really appreciate all your assistance.

    Have a wonderful week.