Ordered List Action and How to Use and How to Order a List Subset


Hi Anaplanners. Just a quick update on the Ordered List Action.

Great functionality - a game changer for many use cases. I will show you an example plus a way to reorder a list subset. I'm sure many of you will have a more creative way to order the list subset so please share!

First you have to create a module that uses the list, and only the list, that  you want to reorder. Add a line item that contains the order you wat - can be text or general number. 


Create a Order List Action that uses that line item for that list. You cannot select a list subset. It must be a module that uses the complete list.



Run the action. Success!


For List Subsets I created a module that uses the list subset and added a Boolean line item set to TRUE.

In the module that uses the complete list I lookup the Boolean from the module using the subset list, as shown.







Create the Action using the Final Order to Use Line Item



The module using the list subset is now reordered.





  • @JaredDolich 


    Muchas Gracias, for taking time to put it out for wider audience.

  • Thanks @JaredDolich , really helpful guide.

  • Hi David,


    thanks for the list. In the Anapedia article it suggests you can sort on characters (a,b,c,d,e...) however when I tested a sort on a text formatted line item the sort did not work. It only worked on number (1,2,3,4...).


    The example I used was a simple list of A-Z, then I created a module with one line item which returned Name(Item()), and I couldn't get the sort to work.



  • @sean_culligan 


    Do you mean to say that you changed the format of the line item from number to Text and updated it with formula and then it didn't work.  I did try that, it works just fine. One piece of advice is that if you have published your module and Order Action on dashboard then you will have to refresh the dashboard but if you go into the list directly it refreshes as soon as the process completes.



  • @Misbah @DavidSmith 

    Right, that is odd, the sort is now working fine on text formatted line items. I must have done something silly when I tested before


    This is what I was playing with:


    1. Simple list (a-z), with a properties module which returns the name



    2. Apply the sort on the name property.




  • Thank you for your explanations.


    I created this action and published it to a dashboard.

    The action work fine with Work Space Admin, but it doesn't work without Work Space Admin even the user have full access role.

    Is it impossible to run order list action without WS Admin?


    Ayumi Saito

  • @CommunityMember113288 

    At the moment, only WS Admins can run the action - There are challenges with selective access for end users running the order list

    The majority of the feedback and use cases we had were more targeted at administrators, so we restricted the action to WS Admins, in the first instance, to ensure that we could deliver some functionality

    That is not to say that we won't consider opening it up further, but we would need to gauge feedback first



  • @sean_culligan

    I had the same issue...I thought I did something wrong so I started from scratch and the second time it all worked just fine .


  • Do you have an updated link? The URL does not work.