Level 3 Sprint 1 - Instructions for Target Review UX and Account Review UX?


I'm going through Sprint 1, and was surprised to see instructions to "use the Account Review UX" in 11.3 Check Your Build, as well as instructions to check Target Review UX and Account Review UX in 12.2, as I don't remember and can't find the instructions to build these.


Did I miss these instructions, or is it meant to be implied with this checklist? Just want to make sure I didn't somehow skip a section somewhere.


  • Hello @helennie


    At the begging of the training you went through the user experience prototyping, therefore once the modules are built you can see the example on this section and build the dashboard according to the instruction on the example: 


    UX Prototype.png


    Hope it helps,


  • Thank you for the reply, @joseantonio.galindo 


    I did see the prototyping examples but was worried that I missed a step that explicitly instructed us to build them. Glad to know that's not the case.

  • Hello @helennie 


    there is not specific explanation on the training to build those dashboards, but it is true that in some sections it will be explained some topics that will be required for the dasboards like:

     - User Filters

     - Assign Process

     - etc


    Good luck with the training 😉


  • hello,


    Would you like to share UX design of Leve 3 model building with me? I am learning how to design UX prototype.


    I really appreciate if you can help.