Accidentally deleted a module formula


I deleted a formula which I don't want to write again, is there no way to undo the deletion?  Control+z is greyed out.  



  • If you are using ALM then you should be able to look in you Production model to find the formula that you need and copy and paste it back, assuming it did not change since your last sync.


    Other than that I think your only options are to re-write it or roll the model back to before you removed the formula. (Restore information on this page:



  • Hello @red11 

    you can use the rollback (I think that’s what it’s called) from the history setting. 

    • open The history settings from the setting tab/menu
    • select the History period you want to see ( when did you delete the module/formula)
    • look into the history entries until you see the delete action you would like to reverse 
    • select the history entry right before the accidental delete 
    • select “restore to ID” button at the bottom right.
    • confirm and the system will restore the state of the model to where it was before the delete. 

    • when you perform the rollback, EVERYTHING that has been added or updated since the point you selected will be deleted. That includes changes to other modules and changes made by other users. So you have to weigh this action carefully.