please advice where what to look - After role assignments UX page show only part of the information



Result I get, is part right and part wrong when creating Product Family Manager Role , Then  assign to do selective access and Then Testing Level 2 Sprint 2 End.

The line chart in weeks don't show up, when assign to the role. Before role assignments it was perfect. The course to took is below, please advice where what to look.




1.Create new role : Product Family Manager,

2.Assign Role > Modules like DEM01 Volume Growth - Write ,

                                               DEM02 Volume Growth weeks - Read,

                                               DEM03 Demand Forecast - Read

3.Assing Versions > Actual - Write

                                 Forecast - Write

4.Assign Selective Access list from General Lists > P1 Product Family, P2 Product, P3 SKU  , Customer Accounts

5.From User Tab, Model Role select Product Family Manager then select access parameters.


6.P1 Product Family write  - "Chocolates"  | P1 Product Family Read - "All Products" | Accounts Read - "All Accounts"



Then I get UX page view as above. What click I have I missed to cause the line chat disappear.



  • @augustus.perera 


    1. Ensure that the source module for the chart is given at least a read access for the role in question 


    2. Make sure if you are referencing other modules in your filters, then the role should get a read access to those  modules referenced in the filter criteria. 

    No. 2 is something many people miss. Hopefully they won’t after reading this post 😀

  • Hi Einas


    Thank you. 

  • Hey @augustus.perera 


    What we’re you missing? 

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