Text Encoding


Hi Anaplanners,


Can you please guide me which Text Encoding should be used while import, when the data set have some data in Chinese Language.


Thank you!!


  • The encoding should be driven by your source. If you use something like notepad ++, open your source file and then click 'save as' you should see the current file encoding format.


    That said I think UTF-16 is a common format for complex characters and I think GB18030 is a common standard in China, so I would try these and see if they work for you.

  • UTF-8 is least subject to variation and used by text/CSV exports. UTF-16 is supported but there are byte ordering (little-endian vs big-endian) variants and/or optional prepended byte order marks (BOMs) to consider. Both can represent the full set of Unicode code points supported by Anaplan.