Model design process

Can anyone help in guiding me whether my order of front-to-back model design process?


1. Document the business process

2. Determine the modules needed in the model 

3. Identify the dimensions needed for each module 

4. Design the user experience 

5. Map the user and data workflow



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  • I am also struggling to find the video useful in determining the correct order.  I've also read the document that comes with the training and seemingly can't get the right order based on the the way the document is written.  I passed the sprint 2 exam however I missed this question both (4) times after watching the video three times.  Perhaps its a trick question?  😃

  • I just passed the sprint 2 exam but didn't get that question right in any attempts. 

    We'll see what sprint 3 brings.

  • I agree, I've watched the front to back implementation process video a number of times and still don't get the right answer.  I can justify my answer each time, this is one of the disadvantages of online vs instructor led training - no ability to debate\discuss.  Anyway as you say I've passed the exam so lets see what sprint 3 brings.

  • Yes. It's not worded in the same way at all, and I feel that it's open to interpretation. The fact that people are having trouble with it speaks for itself. I feel sorry for people without English as their first language.

    I got it right at the 4th attempt, and feel lucky to have done so.

  • As the name suggests you should think starting from the ending. What does an output require? To answer that question first of all you need to design the output then consider the inputs and lists.

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    I struggle with this question too, can you help please ?

    1- Document the business process and technical ecosystem

    2- Work with end users to sketch out UX pages

    3- Determine the lists and other dimensions needed for the model

    4 - Identify the data, input, calculations, System, and Output moduls needed