Level 3 - Quaterly Distribution Percentage according to previous year data


Dear Support, 


I think my Quarterly % calculation is not correct because according with the example on the user story 1.11: 

Quarterly Distribution Training.png

The Years total is correct in my case but not the Quarters: 


Quaterly Distribution.png


Based on training explanation the % should be calculated considering previous year data, therefore I've created the following line items:

 - Historical Account Sales Target, from DAT04 Historical Revenue by Product aggregated for all the Products on the same Account f, this is provided in a csv file

 - Total Historical Account Sales Target, from DAT04 Historical Revenue by Product the whole year. 

 - % account Sales target then is Historical Account Sales Target / Total Hist Account Sales Target


But seems is not correct, because for example considering Account Candyate the percentage should be 24,46549% but in my calculation is 24,5192%


Is that historical data the proper one to be used to calculate this %?


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  • Hi all, 


    I will reply myself with the conclusion, on the training material said the following to calculate the Quaterly %:


    Quarterly Distribution Training.png


    In the reality, to calculate this % you should use the Initial Sales Target, the wording previous year data can be confused and made you to calculated based on Historical Data provided, the percentage is similar but not the proper one. 


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  • Dealing with the same issue but don't understand how your solution makes sense. The initial sales target is based on the stretch goals, so if you take the historical sales (which are less that the initial sales target) then the %s wont add up to 100. Initial sales targets are 27,484,445 total, while last years sales were only 25,299,747

  • Thank you, this helped me a lot.