Anaplan Groups FAQ


What is an Anaplan Group?

A Group is a space for people with similar interests, issues, or objectives to collaborate and share their Connected Planning journeys. Groups are often located in the same geographic region and include options to communicate and work together through both in-person, and virtual Groups as well as online with Groups in the Community. Groups provide an opportunity for in-person collaboration with other Anaplan users to discuss your connected planning journey. Groups in the Community are provided dedicated spaces within the Anaplan Community to foster interaction all year long. Here you can ask questions, share best practices, learn how others are using Anaplan, or continue conversations that began at an offline Group. 

What is the goal of the Anaplan Groups program?

Anaplan Groups are a valuable and educational resource for all Anaplan users. Anaplan Groups bring together like minded individuals in particular regions, and industries to network with their local Anaplan community, and discuss and collaborate on best practices to get the most out of Anaplan. 

How much of a time commitment is required?

To run a successful and valuable Group, we recommend the Group leader commit about 1 -3 hours per week to maintain the group. This includes providing updates to the Group, engaging with members in the Group forum, planning upcoming events, and promoting upcoming events. As with many things, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Users who actively initiate and participate in conversations and events tend to have a richer experience than those who quietly observe. That said, there's no right or wrong way, and we invite you to engage at whatever level you feel comfortable with!

In-person Groups last, on average, around 3-4 hours, and take place 1-4 times per year depending on the region. For Groups in the Community, we recommend checking in often to keep the conversations going and ensure you don’t miss any valuable information. Groups are designed to help you in your connected planning journey, with that in mind there is no required time commitment.

I am new to Anaplan, can I still lead a Group?

We ask that you have been with Anaplan, in good standing, for at least 6 months before becoming a Group leader. We want to ensure that our Group leaders are experienced and comfortable with the Anaplan software.

Can I have a co-leader?

Yes you can and we highly recommend it! Having 1 or 2 people help you manage the Group is beneficial for both you and the group.

What is the ideal number of customers needed to start a Group?

Preferably, at least 10 customer accounts within 1 hour traveling distance is ideal. With virtual only groups, the driving distance will not be consider in the decision for a new group.

How does Anaplan support the Anaplan Groups program?

Every Group has at least one dedicated leader who has agreed to help facilitate online discussions and events. When the Group Leader is a customer, they work with an Anaplan liaison who provides assistance when necessary. The Anaplan Groups program staff on the Community team is always standing by to help address concerns and meet additional needs. The Groups program staff also provides support for program processes, tools, and resources for Leaders. Anaplan wants every Group to be a success, so we are always looking for additional ways to help. Reach out to us anytime at 

How do I Request a New Group?

If you are interested in starting a new group, please prepare your reason for why you want a new group, who will run the group, and your 1-year engagement plan. Then, you can then submit a request to

How do I become a Group Leader?

To start, please fully read the Leader Guidebook to ensure you accept the terms of the program. You can then submit a request to

Can I connect with other Group Leaders to get ideas?

The best way to connect with other Group Leaders is in the Leaders Group. You must be a Group Leader to have access to the group, and if you need access please email

How do I set up the Group in Community?

Each Group has a space in the Community for members to join and share ideas. When you submit your request for a new group the Anaplan Groups program team will create the page for you after you initial alignment call. Once the page is complete you will be incited to a Groups overview and training session to go over how to utilize your Groups page.

How far in advance should I start promoting the event?

We recommend giving yourself 2 - 4 weeks of promotion. For in-person events, we recommend a little longer in order to give customers in the area plenty of notice, if they need to plan for travel. Virtual groups can be closer to 2 weeks.

How do I alert Anaplan of my event?

When you create your event page in Bevy the Anaplan Groups team receives a notification and will promote your event on the events page. To promote more throughout Anaplan, we recommend posting in slack channels and utilizing social media. 

What are the best practices for promoting my event?

Promote your upcoming event to all marketing professionals in your area via the appropriate social channels. Check out the Group Event Promotion article for more tips. One you are a Group Leader you will have access to this article and more in the Leader Resources area. 

Will the Anaplan Groups team send an email promoting my event to customers in the area?

No, we do not send any emails promoting your event. We will promote the event on the main Groups page and within your Group forum.

What is the ideal number of members needed to host Group Event?

While there is no minimum number required to host an event, we recommend having at least 10 members commit to attending if you plan to have a presentation or plan to have a social gathering after.