Hierarchy Filter Not Working on Saved View




I am having an issue where my hierarchy filter is working on one saved view, but not the other. This all refers to a hierarchy with 4 levels (L1, L2, L3, and L4). The following views are involved:


  1. Module A: Dimensions: L3. Select levels to show: L3
  2. Module B: Dimensions: L4. Selected levels to show: L3 and L4
  3. Module C: Dimensions: L4. Time. Selected levels to show: L3 and L4

My goal is to have the user select an L3 list item in Module A and have Module B and Module C update to only show the L4 list items under the selected L3. For Module C, I was able to turn on the hierarchy filter, and it works perfectly. However, I am not able to turn on the hierarchy filter for Module B, and when I hover over the little icon to see why, nothing pops up. Does anyone know why I am not able to turn on the hierarchy filter for Module B?


  • @Audrey1 


    As far as I know Synchronization will not work if  you are using Select Levels to Show, Hide or Show features on the module

  • A couple things might be going on here:

    1. I'm unsure how the new UX works with "Selected Levels", but the Old UX wouldn't allow you to have synchronized selection. What you can do here instead is have the boolean filter you are using filter out the levels you don't want to show with a combination of ANY/ALL Logic.

    2. In the NUX I've had issues with the filters on saved views, but it hasn't been the saved view. It's been that I've needed to add a filter to the page selector the NUX puts in the top right corner of the page.


    Hope this helps.