Page breaks on auto-email links "mailto:" syntax Makelink formula


Hello everyone,


I created a line item and formatted it as text/email so I could create a link on a dashboard to email approvers.  It pulls the approver's name (code-which is email address), puts in a subject, and writes the email which changes based on risk level, High/Med/Low. Then writes in the description of the project the approver needs to approve.  This all works great....except one thing...

I'm not able to add page breaks in my 'mailto:' syntax.  All the info above runs together in one long paragraph.  Normally, with mailto syntax you add a %0A to create a new line, but doesn't seem to work in my case.  

Has anyone used page breaks in email (mailto) syntax? 

Here is my formula:


MAKELINK("Email Requester", "mailto:" & CODE(Requester) & "?subject=Anaplan Change Approval Needed&body=" & Approver Actions.Approver Action[LOOKUP: Risk Rating] & " The description of the change is '" & Description & "'.")


Again, this creates a link on a dashboard that will open an outlook email window with the requestor's email, puts in subject, tell them how to approve it based on this projects risk rating, and the description of the project (so they know what project to approve).