Filter with time as page selector



I am trying to create an import with user input and have time as pageselector. When I created a filter to import data with the rows having user input and time as current page it actually filters first and bring the data for all time periods. Now if I bring time period to row and apply filter it bring multiple year data which is not expected. Please suggest how to filter data only for selected year in page selector. 







  • @NishaS 

    From your brief description it would seem that you are not filtering the view of the import data prior to the processing the import action. The use of the page selector is not the same as a filter. You are simply limiting the view of the data based on the selection. The other time periods still exist in the view but they are simply not visible.


    To target your import you need to filter the view of the source data to only show the time periods that you want to update. 


    It would appear that you are trying to target specific years for import. I will proceed on this assumption.


    1. Create a module containing no dimensions called, 'Year selector.'
      • Create a line item called, 'Year.'
      • Format this as time period year
    2. Create a module dimensioned by time only.
      • Create a line item called, 'Year.'
      • Format this as time period year
      • Formula PARENT(ITEM(TIME))
      • Create a line item called, 'Year Filter.'
      • Formula Year=Year Selector.Year
    3. In the module that you are import ( the source data ) use the, 'Year filter,' to filter your data by the required year.
      • Save as a view
    4. Publish the line item from the 'Year Selector,' module to a dashboard and use this to select the required year for import.