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in the activity of level2 sprint 3 model building, I am supposed to use conditional formatting in Ending Inventory line item based on Safety Stock Target values for different Product SKU (display Ending Inventory as red when the value is less than the Safety Stock Target value) but I am not able to set minimum and maximum values as different SKU have Different Safety Stock Target values.


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  • @swapnil_J 


    I might be wrong but as far as I know Ending Inventory doesn't need to be formatted. Only Safety Stock Exception Count was supposed to be formatted. Can you please show us what is the requirement?

  • Hi Misbah,

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    I think I should add another line item which compares the values in Ending Inventory and Safety Stock Target line items and use the value for conditional formatting.

  • Hi!

    I had a followup question,

    There is already a line item called-  Safety Stock Exception Count = IF Ending Inventory < Safety Stock Target then 1 ELSE 0 

    But the activity has asked to delete this line item

    Should I keep this line item and format it? or is there another was to format the Ending inventory Line item?



  • Hi!

    You should keep  Safety Stock Exception Count line item. It will give you total  number of exception occurs during the period.

  • In the DEM03 Demand Forecast module, it was instructed to set up a Forecast cf line item for conditional formatting.

    The Safety Stock Exception Count line item in the INV01 Inventory Ordering can serve this purpose, but the cf naming practice does not seem to be utilized here if we depend on Safety Stock Exception Count as the name of the format condition, perhaps Ending Inventory cf would be more consistent with suggested naming conditions for purpose of setting up UX.