How to upgrade from 1.3 Anaplan API to 2.0


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Could you please tell me how to upgrade from API version 1.3 to 2.0?


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  • Hi HalaBTB,

    Could you please explain how exactly you are consuming the APIs and I can help further

  • Hi,


    What kind of information do you need?

    I'm using now , Restful Anaplan API version 1.3 ,content_Type(application/JSON),Basic authentification, between Talend and Anaplan (Internal applications). I want to upgrade it in order to use CA in stead of Basic authentification(login/password).


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  • What's the layer in between? Is it an ETL tool? A custom script, or Anaplan connect?
    Are you running just an upload and import actions in Anaplan or is there anything more complex?


  • the layer in between is 'Talend', it's an ETL tool, and we are running imports to anaplan and exports from anaplan.



  • Hi,


    there are 2 main things that you need to change:

    1.- Change the URL from .  by

    2.- Change the authentication method, in the version 2 you need to use a Token


    this is the documentation for the version 2:


    the version 1.3:



  • The other major difference that will require adaptation is the JSON response format - in v2 you'll find the data you get in v1 is wrapped inside a response object containing status and other information.