Anaplan Live!—Your Opinion Matters!


The team is energized on the heels of this year's CPX, and we're moving quickly to bring you even more valuable content to support you in your Anaplan journey. Planning is under way for Anaplan Live!—an event with you specifically in mind, the Anaplan model builder. 

Anaplan Live! is a two-day online experience packed with presentations from Anaplan experts and Connected Planning thought leaders. Attendees get the opportunity to interact in real time with presenters and Anaplanners throughout both days of the event.

Whether you're a new model builder just learning the ropes or an advanced model builder moving toward expert status, we're planning something specially tailored for you! We've got ideas—but nothing beats hearing directly from you.

We invite you to take this two-minute survey to help us (Ana)plan. Then, watch for updates on the next event coming your way very soon.



  • @HollyRieke 

    First, March Anaplan Live! was amazing.

    I added this to the survey but I would HIGHLY recommend the learning/academy team have another session that articulately describes the new certification path, how people that are legacy certified get re-certified, How they can find out where they stand on that re-certification, and anything new the Academy is planning for next year. Learning is one of the best vehicles for me to stay connected to the constant evolution of Anaplan functionality. I hope you'll seriously consider adding that to the Anaplan Live! Session. Can't wait!!

  • @JaredDolich Thanks for your feedback! We will definitely take your comments into consideration as we move forward with planning.