Cannot Create Boolean based on LOOKUP for Write Access Driver



I'm trying to build a module with a line item boolean looking if a Manager is in a specific Cost Center to later work as a Write Access Driver if a Manager can do certain actions in relation to that Cost Center:

Target Module:

Module dimensions: Manager, Cost Center.

Line Item: Is Manager in Cost Center? (Format: Boolean)


I have a SYSTEM module for the Manager based on the People # List. I do have both Manager and Cost Center as formatted line items in this module:

SYSTEM Module for People:

Dimensions: People

Line items: Is a Manager? (Boolean), Manager (Format: Manager), Cost Center (Format: Cost Center).


Manager is a subset of the People list. 


I am trying to pull in TRUE in the target module by the following formula:



I get an error saying "Format of mapping used for lookup doesn#t match any dimension of the source."

I only get the error based on the "Cost Center"-lookup, as when I only do a LOOKUP for the Manager I don't get an error but then I get everything Boolean in the target module which is also not the result I want. I only want booleans to be TRUE for the cells where dimensions match according to the System Module.


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Best Answer

  • You don't have these as dimensions in the source module, so lookup will not work. Try changing from LOOKUP, to ANY.


    Is a Manager?[ANY: SYSTEM MODULE.Manager, ANY: SYSTEM MODULE.Cost Center] 


    This is essentially a way to sum over Booleans to get it into your target module correctly.