Write Access Driver also blocking Reading




I'm using an access driver for a Start Date: if a start date is past its modules time-dimensioned end date for that month it should be possible to edit, otherwise not. The boolean for this was created and looks good as it is checked/marked for all up-coming start dates and blank for past ones. But when I select it as "Write Access Driver" all Start Date's vanish apart from those dates that fulfill the DCA criteria. I always want to be able to READ all the Start Dates, no matter what time. I simply wanted future ones to be editable..


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Johan,

    From a technical perspective it actually makes sense that if there's no read driver, the cell is not going to be readable when the write access driver for the cell says false

    That said, this is a very simple fix. Simply create another boolean line item with formula of "TRUE" and use this line item as the read access driver

    Let me know if this works