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Many of you have probably finished the Level 3 Model Building Certification. 

As I start Level 3, Sprint 2, I got confused with the below instruction:


My questions/clarifications:


1. In Sprint 1, the Level 3 Model is connecting with the Data Hub, and there was an option to download a New Data Hub or Use the Data Hub in Level 2 Model Building. I used the Data Hub in my Level 2 Model Building. There is no Territory List in Level 2 Data Hub. Where can I import the data? Do I have to create a new list for Territories in the Level 2 Data Hub? See screenshot below:


2. Do I really have to do it in the Level 2 Data Hub? It seems that it's already in the Level 3 Model itself, both in List and Sys module:






Thanks so much!




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  • jspascual
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    @Puneeth H P 


    I believe I was able to do this by adding a line item in the SYS module that houses the accounts and importing the Sales Rep to Accounts data.. and using a SUM function by that line item... I was albe to get the Quota... I'm struggling now on the Length of Service and Tenure, I believe the other line items in there are dependent on those two so I can set a formula to get the correct data from the assumptions. 


  • Hi @jspascual 


    It is asked to create it in Data Hub why because the data should be feed from Data Hub to Spoke Model ( Sales Planning Model ) .

    You can create list in Data hub (Flat) . and import it in the Spoke Model . 

    Or else If the Data Hub is downloaded one , then you can directly import this Data in G3T Territory list in Spoke Model . 

    Data flow should be Data Hub to Spoke Model .


    Hope this helps.



    Puneeth HP 

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  • Thank you.


    I understand. 


    I'm confused what would be the child/children of the G4 Territory>Accounts. Do we have the data to be uploaded for this? As you can see, this list is a numbered list and is a parent for A1 Accounts. But how do we know which Accounts are in each territory? Is there a data to be uploaded to accomplish this? For example, for territory US East, does it have ALL the accounts or just a few ones? And so on. How can we ensure the accuracy of the data? 





  • Hi @jspascual 


    Account to territory Assignment is not manual . And we are provided with data file to import to the G4 Territory>Account. 

    Before doing that you will have all the training videos and setup to come at this data, is given in the training in further steps . 

    Go through those and you will get a fair idea on how to proceed further . 

    Hope this helps . Happy Anaplan !


    Thank you,

    Puneeth HP  


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  • I read through all the above and understand that a file will be provided later on assigning accounts to territories.  However, I am confused with the dimensionality of the Quota reports.  There are several accounts that role into single territories - so how would we go about updating the G4T Territory>Account list as well as the Account name in the 2.3.1 QUO01 Territory account validation module


    @Puneeth H P


  • Hi @bleeds 


    Since the List G4 Territory>Account# list is a numbered list , you would be importing Data in to list Property Display Name of the list . 

    And in the module which is having Dimension of the G4e Territory>Account# list you can directly reference this Display Name property in the module for Account Name line item .(A1 Account list formatted line item ) 


    Hope this helps.



    Puneeth HP 

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Appreciate both of the responses.  Was able to figure out the below!


    I completed the length of service by subtracting the current period start date from the sales rep start date.  You have to go through the process of completing the QUO4-QUO 6 modules and converting the number value in the SYS07 module to text.


    Let me know if that clears anything up?


    Also @Puneeth H P  I am having trouble populating the Target amount in the QUO01 Territory Account Validation Module.  I'm currently attempting to pull the requisite data from the Final sales target amount column in the TAR02 Account review module.  However, either nothing populates or I'm receiving a dimensionality error.  The dimension of the QUO01 module is "G4T Territory>Account#"...The property of this numbered list is "A1 Accounts".  I've added the display name from the above list into the module as well as the SYS06 Territory Account detail module and still no luck.  Also added a time dimension to the target line item consistent with the time populating in the source module. 


    Is the expectation for us to create a new module and re-load the Target data?  Any suggestion would be incredibly helpful. 




  • @bleeds it's because there is no year dimension in the QUO01 Module. If you're referencing the TAR02 Account Review module, also look at the SYS99 Lookups Module (you would need something there)


    Let me know how it goes. 

  • Hi @jspascual 


    Target line item is not dimensioned by Time . 

    If you want to take Final Sales Target you should be Looking up to the missed dimension in the Target line item . 

    Check what is not there in the target module compared to source line item . You will get fair idea of how you can go about it , 


    Hope this helps.


    Thank you,

    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • @Puneeth H P thanks for the reply.


    The source and target have the same time dimension.

    The source is by quarter and the target is also by quarter. 

    Remember, the source came from 2019 dimesioned by only a year.

    It was then brought to the 2020 with a quarterly dimension. 

    This quarterly 2020 module is the source for the detailed target sales module.

    I'm not sure which part of that I got wrong. 

    My check ratio for each of the country has '1' in all of them,

    which means also that the PY Account/PY Country & Product Family, if summed up by country and product family totaled to 100%, and the Check Your Build, always had the same results as my model. I'm really confused. Which part I did wrong. 

    No matter what formula derivation, it always ends up with the same value for product family and country. 





  • Thank you! Appreciate the help.  I referenced the requisite year in a lookup formula and the correct amounts are being pulled in.  


    I have one more question for you related to user story 3.2.  In the 6.4 Check your build section we are told to download the CYW Sales Reps to Accounts data file into the sales planning model. 

    Is the expectation to create a new module with this information, add to an existing module or create a new list establishing a relationship between the accounts and sales reps? 


    In the instructions it was made clear to create a list establishing the relationship between Sales reps & Country (G3S Sales Reps#), however if you can shed some light on the best practice in terms implementing the above information it would be appreciated.


    I've loaded the Sales Rep to account info. into the QUO01 Module, however I'm not sure if this is correct.  The reason I ask is because I'm having trouble formulaically populating the number or accounts per Sales rep 




  • @bleeds - how did you proceed here? I have the same question but i noticed no response has been provided