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I need help with a formula. I have a module dimensioned by product, meeting, and entity. 


In my new module, it is dimensioned by product and entity and my formula is a direct link to the % line item in the previous module. 

I need it to pick up the total for Product A for example at 50%, but it is currently picking up 5%.  How do I go about doing this? 

Thanks in advance





  • Hello,

    Let me summarise your issue in a different words:

    1) Source module dimensioned by [Products][Meetings][Entities]

    2) Target Module dimensioned by [Products][Entities]

    So target module contains less dimensions and by default Anaplan picks total for all meetings, but within specific product and entity.

    If you pivot your source module in a following way: having Products in rows, entities in columns and meetings as a page selector, so you would be able to choose total for all meetings and then check data for specific product.


    It might be that you have a formula summary in your source module which sums percentages according to their calculation logic.

    If you could share some screenshots and more details - it will be easier to understand your issue.

    Regards, Nikolay

  • Hi Nikolay,
    I have repivoted the source module, however the formula still picks up the total. I can't seem to attach/copy the screenshots below but I've sent you a message on this. Thanks again
  • As you target module is not dimensioned by meeting you need to direct the formula to the required meeting dimension.
    In circumstances where there is not a relationship between dimensions that you can use to map I recommend that you create a model LOOKUP module.
    These modules contain no dimensions and ONLY list items.
    Create a list item for the dimension you wish to lookup, format it as the required list and select the list item from the available options. What you have now is a list formatted line item that you can now use in a LOOKUP function in your target module.
    Now when referencing the source add the following to the end of the formula
    [LOOKUP:Lookups Module.Total Product A]
    This will inform Anaplan that you what to only pull data across which is at the intersection of Total Product A.
    If Total Product A is the parent of the items above you will need to format your lookup line item as the parent list.
  • Hi, Thanks for explaining this. I've now created a module that links the two (I have created a module with the meeting IDs as the row and the line item is list formatted to the Products) - I think this is what you meant?
    The lookup doesn't quite work (although the sum function does? - but not getting to the right answer). I thought I had mapped the two, but the lookup shows the following error: Dimension of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the result
    Thanks again!