Formula - Matrix help



I have a module dimensioned by Product and Entity which shows the total recharge required between different entities. 
Screenshot below. For example, for Product A, the Investment Manager is Entity C.  Entity C is required to pay 100 to Entity A and 400 to Entity B. 


I'm trying now to create a matrix of sorts to show the below? however, you can't have one list on 2 dimensions? I thought about creating a secondary list, but there's no data linked to it? how do I go about this?








  • Hello,

    I could not see your screenshots, but I think I understand your case.

    It is not a bad Idea to create 2 lists for target and source of recharges. They could be structurally identical, but I would propose to avoid parent hierarchies in this case. The only thing that you would need is to map both hierarchies via mapping table:

    Map1 Source->Target mapping. Mapping could be set manually or via finditem by code if both list members will contain same codes.

    Then you need to fill your data via formulas that will bring data via Lookups or Sums, depending how the source is structured.

    Regards, Nikolay


  • Hi - Thanks for getting back. So I have now created a mapping module where I've mapped Entity List (target) with the Entity Target. i..e. Entity A in List 1 = Entity A in List 2 etc
    So in the recharge grid, I've got both my product and my 2 entity lists, but how do I say, if entity A in List 1 = Entity 1 on List 2 etc? Thanks