L2 Sprint 2- Create Demand Forecast Grid UX saved view


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In Level 2 Sprint 2 in activity it is asking to create a saved view with the same name Grid UX it has asked in activity I am confused here as in old UX version it has saved it as Demand Forecast Dashboard Grid.


Can anyone help me in here?



  • Hello @sguptatalkingrain 


    Check if my response in this post is helpful in answering your question

  • Einas : Your link is not working. It says that content is not working.

  • @sguptatalkingrain 

    It's probably because it's in a private group. The person was asking the exact question

    Here is a copy of the post text


    "In general, it is best practice to ñame objects uniquely. From a technical point of view though, it is not “wrong” to have the same name for 2 saved views in 2 different modules. Anaplan will allow you to do so. The reason is that as an object, the saved view is identified by both the module ñame and the saved view name 

    for example 

    module1.Grid UX

    module 2. Grid UX 


    which makes it unique. 


    however, as I mentioned above, it is better to use unique names for saved views.

    one of the reasons to do so is related to having the saved view as an Import Data Source (different topic for a different time).


    I wanted to clarify what’s an error and what’s a best practice."

  • Einas,


    Thank you for passing that along.


    But in Level 2 Model building with New UX the author is asking to create a same name which is GRID UX saved view in same model. Here in Demand DEM03 he is asking to create GRID UX saved view and then again he is asking to create a  saved view with the same name in the same DEM 03 demand forecast. I have snap shots here for the reference.  Am I reading something wrong in here in the training material??




  • @einas.ibrahim ,


    Academy has corrected the names in the material.





  • is this correct? i am not getting values in Blue.

    please help