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Is it possible to make a Time Setting that shows daily in Anaplan? I want to show daily in my Model for (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). 


Thank you 


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  • ChrisAHeathcote



    You will need to create a list for your weekdays and allocate the number from the WEEKDAY function as its code. 


    Mapping the result of the WEEKDAY function to the list code will enable you to return the required list item / weekday. 


    The link to Anapedia - WEEKDAY 


  • Hello @neg177 


    You can have a daily time scale such as 1 Jan 2020, 2 Jan 2020,... and so forth. But Anaplan doesn't natively support days of the week calendar.

    You can probably create a mapping module to determine which day of the week a particular date is.


    Please note, you can't set the model calendar to days, but you can get days time scale on the level of a module or a line item by adjusting the Time Scale in the blueprint view

  • Great, Thank you so much. 

  • I will try this. Thank you