Sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5 Distribution Summary UX page


Hi All, 


One of the requirement for the Distribution Summary UX page ( Sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5) is to create

  • Total number of Stock Exceptions for all Distribution Centers

For this, I selected a KPI card, pointed to Stock Exception line item in INV03 Distribution Center Summary, but it's not showing any amount when I publish the page. Am I missing anything? 

From my understanding, the Stock Exceptions line item is the total number of Stock Exceptions by Distribution Center for product level. How do I aggregate this for all Distribution Centers and show it as a KPI in my pages? Do I need to do a Lookup to aggregate into 1 total? 


Appreciate pointers on this. Thank you.

Stock ExceptionsNumberTotal number of Stock Exceptions by Distribution Center and Product per month
  • total company exceptions.jpg
  • total company exceptions_B.jpg


  • Hi all, 


    I just realised should I use the Safety Stock Exception Count in INV01 Inventory Ordering line item instead because this is at P3 SKU level. 



  • rps98
    Hi @albonim,
    I suppose you would have figured it out by now as this was posted way back. I am also stuck here. Can you guide me through this? I am not able to understand how would be display the total number.