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I have a line item which is text formatted. User enters values like Apple, mango and apple again.

For the 3rd value(apple)- it should show me an msg pop up, that it exists already.





Please can anyone help me on how to write logic for line item 2.







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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    The simplest approach here is to use the FINDITEM function. 


    This takes a text formatted line item and then searchs a list for that Item.


    If the list item corresponding to the text is present in the list it will return that list item. 


    Use this following link to the Anapedia page to go through the steps involved in setting this up


    FINDITEM Link 


    If you still need to show the 'Exist,' or 'New' message you can use the following formula,


    =IF NOT ISBLANK(FINDITEM(List, Text formatted line item)) THEN Exist ELSE New


    Ensure that your target line item (line item 2) is formatted as text as the answer to this formula is text formatted. 




  • Hi @Rajasekhar 


    You can achieve this . 

    use ISFIRSTOCCURENCE function here . 

    here create a line item which is Boolean formatted (Check) . 

    'Check' - Formula would be ISFIRSTOCCURENCE(Line Item 1, List) - List here is which is showed in picture having List Item 1 ,Item 2....

    Here the boolean will be true only for Item which is given only once and first . 

    And you create a Comment Line item (text formatted) - 'Line Item 2' and write a formula : 

    IF Check is FALSE then "Already Existed" ELSE "New" .


    Hope this helps . Happy Anaplan!



    Puneeth HP 

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  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much.