Adding new people to a numbered list with code auto-generated?




My client is wondering if they can add new employees to the Employee numbered list and having Anaplan create a unique code for them, so that the user does not have to do this part themselves. The code should be relevant to the process (i.e. budget, forecast, ad hoc) so might have name FC123 or BU123 etc. What is the smart way to go about this in Anaplan?


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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    This is possible but you need to create a few system modules that help you build up the logic behind the code.


    1. Create a system module dimensioned by the Process lists and a line item called code formatted as text. For each process define the first half of the employee code.
    2. Create a system module for the employees list if you do not already have one and create a line item formatted as the 'Process' list and one called 'Count' formatted as number.
    3.  Create a staging module dimensioned by 'Employee' and 'Process,' containing a single line item called, 'Count.' Formula =Employee System Module.Count[Sum:Employee System Module.Process]
    4. Create a list called form entry and add one list item called, 'New Employee.' 
    5. Create a module dimensioned by the list from step 4 and create line items for all the fields used to define the details of the new employee. We need Name, Process and Code as a minimum. 
    6. The formula for code = Process System Module.Code[LOOKUP:Process]&TEXT(Employees Count Staging Module.Count[SUM:Process] + 1) This will sum all current employees in that process and add one.
    7. Use this module to import into the Employee list, using the Name field as the Display Name for your numbered list and the calculated Code. 


  • Hi @johan.marketoft 


    This can be done in Anaplan . Whenever any Item is added . Below link can help you more .  . 


    Here we need to have a module to insert a item in to numbered list . And the module dimension would be Numbered list and line items . 

    Line items are - New Product ( Text formatted) and Code (formula to auto generate from the values entered in New Product Line Item) .

    And then from the Numbered list you can create a Import action to import new items from the module with Code . 


    Here CODE depends on the how you want it to be . You can take for Example , if you are adding any new Item - Budget then You can get 'code'

    as Bud123 . here formula is LEFT(NAME(New Product),3) & "123" . 


    New item with code will be imported in to the numbered list once you run the action after adding . 


    Hope this helps . 



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  • @ChrisAHeathcote  I did a similar but not exact to your solution, thanks!