Level 2 Sprint 2


Iam unable to do conditional formatting and view of Line items(Intial and final forecast together).Attached 2 pics one with conditional formatting(connected to forecast cf ) and other without formatting.

How to get the below 





  • Gayatri,


    You have to apply conditional formatting in the saved view in model itself.


    use this in my formula -

    Use the Forecast cf line item to create the filter for the conditional formatting (if value is 1, apply formatting).


    Hope this helps!

  • Hey @Gayatri2020 


    I am not fully clear what the issue is. Could you please elaborate?
    The image you included in the body of the post shows the view as it should be.
    There is no relationship between conditional formatting and Line Items Show/Hide.


    Are you saying that you can't change the view of your module to look like the image you included in your post?

  • Resolved it myself please ignore

  • Hi can you explain, please?


  • Hi Namratha,


    You will have to apply the conditional formatting for Final Forecast based on Forecast cf as shown in the attached screenshot. Since Forecast cf is Boolean, the Minimum should be 0 and Maximum should be 1. Hope this helps.

  • Hi,

     i followed your direction but it is not showing selective color on the grid. this is how my view looks like. am i doing something wrong ? or missing something?





    Can you help out?

  • Hi, 


    Did you get solution to your problem...i am struck exactly where you have struck


  • am also experiencing the same issue.  I have set the conditional formatting to settings  above in chain:



     Filter settings


    Can anyone help me?

  • I just figured it out.
  • Hey , can you please help me with this . As I also got stuck in this step .


  • Hi can you please help on conditional formatting issue of Final demand forecasting I am struck in this.