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Would like to seek your assistance with regards to Anaplan Connect script source file.
Noticed that when I run the Anaplan Connect script it keeps on getting the old source file in the import process instead of the new source file declared in the script. Please see attached file as reference. Is this the normal behaviour of Anaplan Connect script?


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Best Answers

  • ben_speight

    You don't change the import - data source relationship using the API. Once the import is created it will remain associated with that data source. So the FileName variable refers to the file data source on the server whilst the FilePath variable refers to the file on your local machine, and they can be named differently.

  • sean_culligan

    Think of the Anaplan Filename as a file definition, instead of a file.

    So SG_CRC.csv is the file definition on Anaplan, which confusingly you created by uploading a file.


    In your Anaplan connect script you want to reference this file definition with the '-file' parameter.


    Reading your script you are using the FileName variable but in here you have used the local file name. This should rather be the file name which is in Anaplan so SG_CRC.csv.


    If the structure of your source file has changed, then you should upload a new file definition. Select Import Data Sources > Upload New File. Once this new file definition has been set in Anaplan then you could reference this instead. For example if you wanted to post the new file SG_CRC_V1.csv


    If you did post a new file you would need to recreate your import action and update the import name in your script, so it may be better to simply update the existing file definition in Anaplan 'SG_CRC.csv'. To do this save your new file with the same name as the Anaplan file 'SG_CRC.csv' then Select Import Data Sources > Upload new file, and point to the updated 'SG_CRC.csv' this will then update the existing file definition. At this point you may wish to check your import to make sure the column mappings are all still sensible.


    Hope this helps