Role assignment level2 sprint 2



Not sure what I am doing wrong in Activity 2.4.11 create role and test as end user. Did following steps

1.Create new role : Product Family Manager,

2.Assign Role > Modules like DEM01 Volume Growth - Write ,

                                               DEM02 Volume Growth weeks - Read,

                                               DEM03 Demand Forecast - Read

                                               SYS 00 Time settings-Read

                                                SYS02 Time settings-Read


3.Assing Versions > Actual - Write

                                 Forecast - Write

4.Assign Selective Access list from General Lists > P1 Product Family, P2 Product, P3 SKU  , Customer Accounts

5.From User Tab, Model Role select Product Family Manager then select access parameters.


6.P1 Product Family write  - "Chocolates"  | P1 Product Family Read - "Sours,Taffy,Fudge" | Accounts Read - "All Accounts"


Still Landing Dashboard is blank why?

Please help stuck on it for long



  • Hi @Gayatri2020 


    You might have missed any dimension to give role a write access . 

    First try giving all the required module and lists a write access and then check with read access . 

    And in UX also check for Role access . Check which landing DB is given for the Role assigned . 

    Care to send Screenshot . It would be much helpful to get to know what is happening .


    Thank you,

    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Please find attached the screenshots and guide me pls

  • Please help

  • Hi @Gayatri2020 


    In the Grid , go to module Blue print view . 

    For the format of the lists which we want to give the Selective Access , Open format of the list formatted line item and there give Selective access check . 

    Try giving  this with the list and module  access you have given already. 

    And for your User for Top level hierarchy lists  in user tab give access to those limited given lists . 

    Try this , let me know it works or not and also if not working please add more required sc for further check . 



    Puneeth HP 

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!