Mapping issue - only populate Manager that is from that Department



I'm wondering how to only get the name of a person who is part of a department in a module that has department as one if the dimensions.


SYSTEM Module for Users:

Dimensions: Users

Line Item: Departments (List-format with department which is populated based on a formula using the lookup function).


Module Mapping:

Dimensions: Users, Department

Line Item: Manager in Department (List-formatted with Manager list)


So I only want the line item in the mapping module to populate a manager if he is part of that department, else blank.


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  • Hi @johan.marketoft 


    I think this formula will answer your inquire:


    If System module.Department = item(Department) then Retrieve the System department.Manager  (I do not know where this is, probably in a system module for departments) else blank.


    Here you have an example of the formula mentioned above:




    I hope it helps.




  • Much appreciated Alex but ended up getting about it in another way. 


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