Create Distribution Center Capacity Module



I am getting the incorrect values even after putting the formula according to the purpose. please help if any mistake i have done in formulas.

I getting the values greater than 100% in percentage full line item.



  • Hi @Manisha12 


    I want to make sure that in the formula is 'Supplied By' is the Distribution Center . If YES then the formula is correct . 

    For Percentage full line item it is - Distribution Center Capacity / Total Beginning Inventory . 

    For some Time Period value is not as expected . It is fine here . Check your previous build for Beginning Inventory . 


    Happy Anaplan ! 



    Puneeth HP

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  • Thanks puneeth!
    yes ,supplied by is the distribution centre. and i also created a line item to round up the percentage value called filter percent and kept the formula as ROUND(Percentage Full, 2, NEAREST, EXACT)
  • Hello I am getting same numbers for beginning inventory and percentage formula should be distribution center capacity/Beginning inventory or vice versa?