Cross-workspace data link


Hi, need some explanation as what is "cross-workspace data link" which is eligible at enterprise level edition ?

Tried a few search, but nothing relevant showed up.

  • Could you please enlight me and what use cases you believe this has the most value for you ?

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  • @david.savarin 


    Each customer has a Tenant and within this tenant, you can have multiple workspaces.  Within these workspaces, you can have multiple models which is essentially the application solving a business process (T&Q, FP&A, TPM, SPM, etc.).  The cross workspace data link I believe you are talking about is having one model in a workspace A being a source or a target of a model in workspace B.  The most prevalent example is a Data Hub (a model) in a workspace supplying data to any spoke model in a different workspace.  Why the different workspaces?  A couple of reasons, a typical workspace can only be 130 GB (excluding our HyperModels which can go up to 720 GB), so you have a finite amount of space.  Also, segregation of duties from a security standpoint.  You don't need all of your users being able to get into the Data Hub, only the people who manage it.


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  • Ok, so it is basically the same import from model B to model A, except it is from another ws within the tenant.

    Correct ?