INV01 - Final Shipping Time Weeks and Final Shipping Amount


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In while creating the INV01 Inventory Ordering module, we are asked to create 13 line items, none of which are "Final Shipping Time Weeks" or "Final Shipping Amount".  Maybe i missed something, but where is the instrux to create these two line items?  Here is the screen shot from the training: line items.png

 I moved ahead to 3.3.6 looking for clues and I found the above mentioned two line items mentioned here.  See screen shot below:


3.3.6 instrux.png 


I also see the post here mentioning that these line items were part of the INV01 instrux, but i don't see that?


Am I missing something?  Would appreciate any guidance.


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Best Answer

  • sean_culligan

    Paul, if I recall these line items are added later once you have gone through the course to add overrides and adjustments. Unless you are stuck I would keep going through the course and you do get to these eventually.


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