Anaplan & OneNote... What tools do you use?


Hi All, 

I've always been a fan of OneNote, but I really began using it extensively when I starting working in Anaplan. It even maintains my nice-looking A+ for Anaplan formulas.

I'm curious if any of you have other tools you'd recommend using with Anaplan? 



  • Hi @cbrookes 


    I also use OneNote on a regular basis, but mostly for making notes and scrabbling instead of using paper. I never thought of using it to edit and audit Anaplan Formulas. I will give it a go!


    Probably this does not come as a surprise to anybody, but I usually rely on Notepad ++ or Excel (the latter mostly when downloading the whole list of Line Items in the model) for the purposes that you mentioned.




  • Hi @cbrookes,

    for me it is a mix of OneNote, Excel, and Notepad++. 


    I also really like that formatting is kept in OneNote! Makes it much easier than using Notepad++.

  • Hi All,


    As most of you, I use mainly A+ for Anaplan, Notepad++ and Excel (however, OneNote isn't my thing).


    Notepad++ is really useful when you add Anaplan language (apart from that, I use it for JSON from Anaplan API and simple text operations, like sorting, removing duplicates etc.), and Excel is must-have not only for Imports/Exports, but also for things like model analysis using exports from Models→Line items or Lists, or quick JSON→CSV translation.

  • @cbrookes 

    Great question.

    In addition to One Note, which I use for everything - including my own take on the L1 VILT course. It's terrific. I also use:

    • Postman (free) to test APIs
    • Python and VS Code (free) to import/export/check statuses 
    • @MagaliP famous extensions (free), particularly Excel
    • Knime (free) and R Studio (free) to handle statistical modeling, particularly classification methods like clustering
    • For special visualizations I use Power BI Desktop (free, sort of) although I prefer Tableau (license) because of the native connector to Anaplan.
    • For proof of concepts and wireframing I will sometimes use Excel VBA (free with Office License).
    • For the Anaplan Way, I have a special process that uses the Anaplan Way App, Excel Anaplan Add-In, and PowerPoint VBA.
    • For video, screencasting, and .gif creations I use Camtasia (License)
  • Actually now that @JaredDolich shared his great list, it reminded me about two useful extensions. Since I assume most of the people are using Google Chrome, please consider these two extensions:

    • Page Marker - you can easily draw, make circles or whatever you wish on your screen and save the screenshot immediately. I also find it very useful when sharing my screen and presenting that I can draw and mark something on my screen.
    • Vidyard - instead of typing an explanation of how to do something in Anaplan, I would rather make a short video of my screen and share the link with the client, so they can open it and follow the steps. 

    Hope it is useful! 


  • OneNote and Notepad++.


    Notepad++ is awesome because you can add line breaks when using find and replace.

  • To compare csv's (sometimes required when we constantly receive different version of data load files) , I use WinMerge  or a similar diff tool