New UX - Freeze cards on the top




A couple of questions on the new UX:

  1. Can we freeze a grid or an action on the top/any part of the page?
    1. As the end user scrolls down, the frozen grid will also move along and will be visible throughout the page
  2.  Can we put name labels on the page selectors in a page?
    1. In case of multiple page selectors, I want to clarify which selector is which list
  3. Can we publish a list as page selector even if it is directly not a dimension of any of the grids/modules on that page?
    1. The list I want to publish separately is in a hierarchy with the list of the modules on the page but not a direct dimension




  • @somain.gupta 


    1. No

    2. No

    3. No. As a workaround create a dummy module with that dimension and publish the module. Once published you can drag the module to the bottom and resize the module so that it becomes almost invisible.


    These are great ideas. Can you please share these ideas ( idea 1 and 2)  on idea exchange forum.


  • @Misbah 


    Thanks and yes, I used the same workaround of having dummy modules as you mentioned. Can you please confirm one thing -

    • There is no option to drag the page selectors on a page and re-arrange them. Also, the page selectors do not get arranged in the order their corresponding modules are added to the page. So what drives the arrangement of the page selectors on the top?


  • @somain.gupta 


    Again, that is a mystery. Ideas have already been shared on idea exchange forum to let page builders re-order the context selectors. As of now you can't do much about it.

  • Hi Somain,

    I will also share my ideas here:

    1 Not in a pages, but you could add "Additional insights" - supportive grids for a worksheets which could be expanded/collapsed by a click

    2 No. Would text instruction work?

    3 If you would like to publish a parent hierarchy - you could publish a navigational grid. Or as a workaround you could hide all rows/columns to see like clean card. In this case you would see additioanl page selector for your parent hierarchy.

    I would not promote to use this approach, as massive amount of selectors could confuse end users.





  • Freezing cards or even the column headers in a large grid would be a great enhancement, particularly if the end-user could turn it on and off. 


    For point 3, can you use the show/hide option within the page selector to remove the lower level and keep the parent as selectable in the page selector?