INV01 - Beginning Inventory off by 2


Hi all,


I've been wracking my brain on INV01 and just when i think i have it, I notice that my numbers starting in Week 3 for beginning Inventory are off by 2.  See screen shot attached from my module - in Week 3 FY 20 i'm showing 8,904 and in the example Check Your Work it's showing 8,902.  I'm also seeing my Forecast demand is off by 2 here and there as well.  Has anyone else seen this before?  Is this something i need figure out or is it not a big deal.


beginning inventory off by 2.png

check you work.png


I did check my DEM03 to be sure the Override? was unchecked.


Can anyone offer any guidance?






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  • Puneeth H P

    Hi @pmorgan 

    Any changes in the Beginning Inventory compared to earlier time period propogates that business is changing its gear . 

    Here for example , BI is reducing over a time period tells us that the business is growing over time or may be defect that having a lesser inventory . It is all supply chain . And increasing Inventory causes the vice-versa . 

    This shows business that how we should deal with the Inventory and forecasting . This changing is fine . 



    Puneeth HP 


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